Unlike other lenders, Car Title Loansonly requires basic personal documentation and that relating to your vehicle. In this sense, it will be enough to present your identification document, a proof of your income, the title that accredits the ownership of your car. The identification document is necessary to verify your data and to establish your legal capacity to contract obligations. The proof of income is simple and does not matter the origin of the same in terms of whether you are self-employed or working under a regime of business subordination.

As for the documentation referring to your vehicle, only the pink form is requested, so these credits are commonly called “Pink Slip”. This title must be properly credited to your name and constitutes the only guarantee of payment for Car Title Loans. In that sense, it is the only thing that will remain in the company’s deposit, because you will be able to continue enjoying the use of your vehicle during the time that you are comfortably paying off the loan. An unsurpassed opportunity to continue to grow and truly improve your finances – without stress!

Can I get a title loan if i don’t have a credit history or have a bad credit history?

The answer is yes! Car Title Loans does not discriminate against its customers in relation to their previous bad credit experiences, nor does it scrutinize their data to get a defect in not granting the loan. On the contrary, recognize and respect your needs and gives you the opportunity to get out of the economic hardship without questioning, depositing their confidence in your early financial growth by granting you with the necessary immediacy the money that will help you to do so. Our mission is to achieve your economic stability in the short term.

That is why Car Title Loans California has established itself as the best solution to your immediate liquidity problems, making your experience change to positive with the obtaining of a financial support without causing sacrifices or burden during the process or during the payment period, giving you all the facilities to make the conditions of approval and cash delivery as flexible as possible, all of which is done in record time.

What is the amount of credit I can obtain?

Since it is a loan secured by the title of your vehicle, the amount of the credit is directly proportional to the value of the vehicle, which in the first phase you project when you apply according to its differentiating characteristics, such as brand, model and year, based on its appreciation in the market. These characteristics are then verified by means of technical expertise carried out by a technician specialized in the area, observing their other attributes that may increase the estimation of their value.

In this sense, having an accurate estimate of the value of your vehicle, calculates the amount of the loan at 85% of it, making a mathematical operation that will definitely benefit you. This valuation percentage is established thinking of giving you more opportunities, unlike other credit financing companies, which usually grant only up to 50% of the value of the car, putting at risk your assets in exchange for a derisory amount. At Car Title Loans California, we are fair in the valuation of your estate.